Monday, May 09, 2005


I've been lazy about writing posts and then today I woke up sick. :( I've got some really bad chest congestion kind of thing. It's not a classic cold, no real big runny nose or sneezing. Just, I feel like I'm drowning from the fluid in my chest. When I breathe I hear this creaking in my chest.

Riley slept in w/ me this morning as I tried to sleep it off. Then we got up, and I took care of him and Nicky, and then I layed around all day on the couch, laying down half the time, and Riley slept all afternoon too. It's like they pick up on your actions or your feelings.

But now after sleeing in all morning and sleeping all afternoon, he's full of beans!

I hate being sick, but having a warm fuzzy (and heavy) pug laying on your belly on the couch licking your face and hands and arms makes it a little bit better. :)


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