Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Two Gas Station Trips and Poopy Feet

Riley had a fun day I think. A pretty normal day to start, slept in, kept my feet company while I worked on the computer, complained when I penned him to head out for lunch.

But when M came home, he decided to take my car to the convenient store to get something and fill it up w/ gas. I said "lets bring the dogs, they love car rides". M thought it was a bad idea, but the dogs LOVED it, and besides being hot and humid, it was a fun 20 minutes for the dogs.

They LOVE car rides and it was probably the high point of their week.

Then later on, after dinner, when it finally cooled off (just before 9pm) we headed out for a short walk and ended up taking probably an hour and a half walk, around a neighborhood and then down to the convenient store we'd been to earlier in the car. It was a long walk, and just when I started to worry that it was too far for little pug legs, Riley started bounding up hills ("hills" in Florida means a short mound probably 4 feet high). He bound up hills, ran ahead of us. At one point he was walking so fast I could hardly keep up with him and I had to jog to catch up with him, and then when I did that, he looked back at me with that tongue-hanging-out smile and started RUNNING. He's got boundless energy!

When we got to the convenience store, we got diet pepsis and also a bottle of water for the dogs. The bugs under the lights of the gas station were getting in our faces, so we went across the parking lot to a darker area to drink our drinks and water the dogs. Because it was dark, we didn't see the FIRE ANT HILL.

Poor M got fire ant bites all on his feet and lower legs, but I think he is ok. The dogs got bit on their paws, but they too are just fine now. In my attempt to get the fire ants off Riley, I wiped in between his paw pads and toes w/ my fingers, only to dsicover that he'd, at some point on this walk, walked through poop. I freaked, went inside, and washed my hands six times (and then more when we got home). I cleaned his feet with doggy wipes when we got home. Sick. Why is it so hard for people to pick up their dogs poo?

It was a fun walk. Long. But when the sun went down it was cooler and less humid. It's still very humid today. We've had some cool/dry nights and I miss them. But tonight it was warm and muggy. He's snoring now behind me on the floor, and we are off to bed in a minute.


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