Wednesday, May 04, 2005

And you wonder why I don't have any kids.

I swear it's like having freaking children.

Nicky is inside because it's stormy out and he completely freaks out if he's on the porch and it starts raining, even softly. Nicky likes to take things away from Riley just to take them away. Treats, chew toys, you name it. Riley has been gnawing on this huge gnaw bone rawhide thingy whatever it is. Riley's by my left foot while I'm on the computer, Nicky's by my right foot under the desk. Riley started barking at Nicky. I'm like "STOP IT!" Silence. Barking again. "KNOCK IT OFF I SAID!" Silence. BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK! I shove Riley away telling him to stop AGAIN. Silence. BARK BARK BARK! I finally discover that Nicky had taken Riley's chew bone rawhide thingy whatever it is and was sitting on it. Not chewing it, just, hiding it.

Nicky pees in the house. He's housetrained for the most part, but he likes to get up 2:30 in the morning and lift his leg and pee all over the dresser and carpet. His wee wee streams go like TWO YARDS, it's insane. It goes all over. So, we can't find his doggie diaper, this denim and velcro diaper for dogs, you put feminine liners in it. We used it when he had a seeping infection from being fixed at the pound. But we can't find it. And so we've been improvising with various human garments, none of which work all that great. So I had this brainstorm one night while lying in bed (and I wonder why I have trouble sleeping)- PULL UPS! "I'm a big kid now!" (jingle from the commercial) training diaper/underwear for pottytraining toddlers. Turns out they fit Nicky almost perfectly. A little duct tape to tighten the waistband and you're good to go. Nicky looks absolutely REDICULOUS, but hey, he can't pee on the furniture and carpet now, can he? So now he can sleep with us again (he likes to sleep under the bed) instead of in his crate where he screams and cries like he's being tortured to death. All last night after we came home from "Wahl Maaht" with the PULL-UPS, M and I were walking around the house periodically singing "I'M A BIG DOG NOW!" LOL

UPDATE: haha, pictures are coming, I promise! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im confused. Why arent there pictures of this?

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with alfred's mom. Where are the pictures?

8:35 AM  

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