Saturday, April 30, 2005

Ice cubes turn to water turns to pee

Oh. Heh. Uh... I learned something today.

When your dog eats LOTS of ice cubes, then plays, then goes back and eats a bunch more ice cubes, remember, ice cubes turn into water, which turns into pee. Poor Riley did something he hasn't done since December: went inside. He peed (like a racehorse, btw) right on the carpet and he looked kinda sad-faced when he did it, like he didn't want to be doing it there. Nicky does that too, looks all sad and worried if he pees somewhere he knows he shouldn't.

Anyway, thank goodness for our carpet cleaner that we got. If you use it right away, it's a god-send.

So, ice --> water --> pee. Heh. :)


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