Thursday, April 21, 2005

So far no barf at the vet's office

Riley's been at the vet all day and just like yesterday he's not throwing up for them. I'm going to pick him up cuz I just can't stand the thought of him there all night alone and wondering where everybody is.

I agree w/ what Maybaby32 said on the message board, that even tho' my vet thinks Greenies are safe to give to a dog unsupervised, I sure won't be giving them to any of my dogs unsupervised anymore. My vet said "no more greenies", and I sure won't give him any any time soon. I may give him one much later on that I hold while he chews, and then take it away when it's just a small nub. That way he can't swallow any pieces since I'll be holding it and supervising. I can hold one and watch tv while he gnaws on it. The vet seemed ok w/ this.

I hope to pick him up in about an hour.


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