Saturday, April 30, 2005

Rile's discovered ice cubes!

I like to give Riley ice water sometimes. He loves it, especially when he's panting alot from playing or coming back from a walk on a hot day.

Today I noticed he was pulling ice cubes out of the water (cuz I didn't used crushed ice this time) and walking around with them and chewing them and eating them.

So I gave him some ice cubes and he's been going to town on them! He LOVES them! He takes one, walks around with it, chews it, it's gone.

And he likes to take chew bones and put them on my foot to chew, and so now he's putting ice cubes on my foot!

He keeps walking over to things to put the ice cub on while he chews it; a pillow on the floor, a shoe, my folder of notes, and now everything has wet spots. LOL.

I just took some pix, I'll add them later.


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