Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sunday babble

Riley had SO much energy today! We went for latenight walks two nights in a row but not tonight, and I think his energy is just way up and he needed a walk.

Sunday Riley went for a car ride, he LOVES car rides. We went to Petco, got him a baseball shirt, went to "Nana's" and he LOVES going to Nana's, taunting the kitties, playing w/ all the cat toys.

Then we went to the seafood and wings place where you can bring your dog if you eat outside, but it was SO FREAKING HOT we won't be doing THAT again w/ Riley until October! It's just too hot, pugs can't handle it (and neither can I!).

Nicky is deathly afraid of thunderstorms. He hides under the bed. Riley seems totally unphased, that's good.


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