Friday, May 27, 2005


This is unbelievable. Nicky's been either on the porch or in his crate or running free with a diaper on at all times today. And I was afraid this'd happen but I thought I was too paranoid and that it was too unlikely, but it DID happen. Riley and Nicky were playing and Riley pulled Nicky's diapers off (kid's Pull-Ups) and in the THREE seconds that his diapers were down, he urinated ALL over the family room. What happened was when Riley pants'd Nicky, I said "Riley! No!" and THAT caused Nicky to cower and pee all over the place and then run under the desk and pee all under there too.

I really can't take this anymore!


Blogger Olive Oil said...

Oh Lord. I know how you feel though. Remember me telling you Herbie was peeing everywhere. Well, apparently what happened was the combination of his allergy shot and the bladder infection made him pee more. So we had his diaper on him and he was peeing like crazy. Then I thought maybe having the diaper on was stimulating or aggravating him. So I took it off and he hasn't peed since. So now.....I don't know if it was the diaper aggravating him or if the medicine for his bladder infection is kicking in or if the allergy shot wore off....I am going friggin crazy too!!!!

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