Friday, May 13, 2005

Still Sick

I have been SO sick. I've had a terrible chest cold, feel like I'm drowning and suffocating. I went to the doctor yesterday and I have bronchitis AGAIN. I get bronchitis almost every time I get a cold, it's awful. I have just been so sick and laying on the couch and coughing my head off (or my lungs up, for that matter).

And Riley is SUCH a sweet darling! I'll be laying on the couch on my side and a little pug head will pop up, paws on the couch, and toy hanging out of his mouth. It's the cutest thing! He just keeps bringing me toy after toy after toy as I lay or sit on the couch. It's just SO CUTE! When I'm laying there sick, he just jumps up and walks all over me w/ his toys (he's SO HAPPY that he's learned to jump up onto the couch!), tries to get me to play tug-of-pug with his various toys.

And in the morning when I wake up, I'm usually awakened by a choking fit, not sure why, but when I have bronchitis and for a long time afterwards, I tend to choke in my sleep, I wake up choking as saliva (I guess) went down the wrong pipe and then I have an awful coughing/choking fit. And Riley just sits there and watches, doesn't try to get playful or run off like he does when it's time to get up. This morning he sat SO close next to me during my fit, and just slid his paws forward looking at me, like he was just so concerned. He's just so sweeeeet!

Doc says it'll take some time to get over this. :(


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im sorry you are sick! When I was in college I got a BAD case of asthmatic bronchitis. For about 2 years whenver I got a bad cold, it turned into bronchitis. Maybe it was the dorms...

2:51 PM  

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