Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Quiet Butt

I posted this to a message board, and then afterward realized it'd make a great post here:

"The Quietest Butt In The World"

This is what you get when you let a MAN babysit a pug for half an hour. He lets him eat ANYTHING he finds on the floor. I said "how's riley" and he says "fine, he's having fun, eating stuff" and I'm like Nooooooo! So I go upstairs and retrieve my dog from him, men can't be trusted!

Well, today Riley has passed several tiny pieces of unrecognizeable plastic matter, probably bits of plastic bag, medical tape, a couple large unidentifiable round things, and three EAR PLUGS. I wear foam ear plugs to bed cuz hubby snores, and I tend to lose them sometimes. Well, Riley found them! I guess so long as he had them in his system, he had a quiet butt!

Man, can't leave a man alone w/ a dog for 30 minutes! :P


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