Thursday, April 21, 2005

Riley seems really good tonight.

Yay! Riley is home and he is just full of beans and happy and energetic and NOT barfing.

I had him take it easy, just to be safe, no wild playing on the porch w/ Nicky or anything like that. Kept him in his pen and just rubbed his belly and played mellow fetch w/ his rubber bone.

We did go for one walk, but Riley was fine, and it was late at night when the weather was cool (gorgeous out!) and Riley just seemd to love it.

I gave him a bath, too, cuz he smelled like a walking ball of vomit. He smells much better and is fluffier than heck now. He's at my feet now looking up at me with those big, soupy eyes. Agh, now he's licking my ankle!

Thanks to all of you who have posted on the board, commented here and emailed to wish Riley the best. I think he's really doing much better. I really appreciated all your kind words. :)


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