Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Status: unsure

Well, I called the vet and they said to come pick him up cuz he was bouncy and happy and hadn't thrown up again. So I picked him up, paid the $95 (!!!!!!!!), put him in the car, backed out of the parking space, and he threw up all over the car seat.

I went back in to ask for paper towels and the lady called the vet on the phone. Riley's not to have any food until the vet calls me in the morning and I have to watch him closely.

As soon as he barfs, he eats it. So I have him in his pen on the carpet so that if he does this when I'm not looking, I'll at least see the mark on the carpet. My poor carpet gets barfed on weekly by Sasha anyway, so what's one more spot.

I just hope he's going to be ok and that he's not blocked w/ anything.


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