Sunday, April 03, 2005

Water Bottles revisited, Gulpy wins

After my recent discussion about dog water bottles, I ordered the "Gulpy" from DrsFosterSmith.com and it arrived yesterday.

I have to say that now that I have used both the Gulpy and the Handi-Drink, I really like the Gulpy the best. It just flips open (it has a hinge) and squeeze and there ya go. With the Handi-Drink, it comes apart, you have to seat the nipple of the bottle in a tab and then snap the bottle in and then squeeze. The Gulpy is much faster and much easier.

They're both great, so if you can't get the Gulpy, it'd still be nice to have the Handi-Drink.

The Speed-E-Drink I have yet to see in real life or try, but it looks neat cuz it just clips onto any regular bottle of water.

But I stand by the Gulpy as the best one 'cause it's the fastest and easiest to use.


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