Sunday, March 27, 2005

Dog Water Bottle

I've been all over trying to get this particular water bottle for Riley. Riley's girlfriend, Bell, her mom had this water bottle at Pug Fest last weekend, I thought it was a Speed-E-Drink from PetSmart (but now that I look online I'm not sure that's what it was).

I went on Thursday to get it, they were out and said it'd be in on Friday. The one at Petco looked more clumsy than the one that Bell's mom had, so I waited and went back Friday morning and PetSmart had still not unpacked their stock (there was a huge shipment along the back isle). I went back again Friday afternoon, still no speed-e-drink, still a bunch of pallettes of stock along the back. I went back again today (Saturday afternoon, around 2pm), still nothing, no bottle, lots of unpacked stock. I asked, and upon checking, it turned out that it was never shipped, although it was ordered. They said their Sunday stock arrived early and they were overlaoded and couldn't get the stock out, but that either way, the speed-e-drink was never shipped from the supplier. Oh well.

So I gave in and went to PetCo and got the Handi-Drink instead. It works really great and I'm glad I got it. Today was "hella" hot. I see now that online it comes in pink, but I never saw pink in the store. It's really great, you put water in it and then the dog can drink out of an attached, out-of-the-way tray. No backwash, so you can even share the water bottle yourself (so long as doggie doesn't lick the bottle spout). This is it:

I like it alot, I'm glad I got it.

UPDATE: After much Googling (or actually, Froogling, I found the exact one that Bell's mom had, it's this one:
The Gulpy from DrsFosterSmith.com

I remember she had the green-ish one and that it had that hinge. I know she got hers in town, but at least now I know where I can get one like that one... and DrsFosterSmith.com is a great place to buy online.


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