Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Monday ramblings

The dogs are knocked out. I took a nap tonight and apparently the entire time they ran around the living room chasing eachother.

It's amazing how well these two dogs get along.

I'm real impressed w/ my cat, Sasha, too. She is SO intelligent. Last month Riley got loose and chased her and she was totally traumatized. He got lose again yesterday, and the first thing I did was put her on her cat tree and told her that when the dogs get loose, to go up the tree cuz they can't get to her there. Today Riley got loose again, and this time she went straight for her tree and got out of the way and was safe. I was so proud of her. She is so smart. She will be 18 in May. I've had her since high school. She is the best cat EVER.

Riley has been sleeping with us and I am so proud of him. I've tried it in the past but in the past he wouldn't sleep. He'd either play (bite us, etc.) or he's just sit there in the dark, sitting up, panting, like he was too excited or confused to sleep. That or he'd pee in the bed (or... AND he'd pee in the bed). But now he lays down and goes to sleep. It is so wonderful to have that warm little ball in the bed with us. He is so adorable! He sleeps, doesn't pee in the bed (unless it's first thing in the morning and I decide to go to the bathroom before he does), and in the morning he LOVES a belly rub (and after naps).

Nicky is a case. He's afraid of rain, and he's afraid of being alone. M went to work extra early today and so he crated Nicky while Riley and I slumbered upstairs. Nicky shrieked, cried, whined, banged, barked... I thought he hurt himself, so after 45 minutes of it, at 6:30am, I went to check on him and he was fine. I took him up to the bedroom and he went under the bed to sleep (his normal sleeping place). He can't STAND being alone. Poor guy.

At night Nicky has this routine of licking us in the face and then going under the bed to sleep. It's real nasty, dog tongue, him standing on my hair, getting me w/ his claws. So we had this idea. Trick him into thikning we are immediately asleep and maybe he'll leave us alone. So we climb into bed, turn off the tv, and begin to FAKE-SNORE, and if we do this he will SKIP the "licking of the face routine" and go straight under the bed to sleep! He's so.... is that smart? is that stupid? is that gullible? is that obedient? Either way, it's a riot. But if we don't do this trick, he licks us to death in the bed. What a riot!

We have the best fur family. :)


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