Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Please Read- This poor little girl...

Please Read- This poor little girl...
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This lady I met on Flickr runs a rescue, Senior Pug Rescue, she rescues senior pugs and sometimes other breeds. This little Chihuahua was dumped by a puppy mill breeder. When dogs (or other pet store animals) won't breed anymore, they drive out to town or the middle of nowehre and dump them on the streets (after living a life in cage). It's sick. One girl on a pug message board was driving one day in the country when the truck in front of her THREW a pug out the window without stopping or even slowing down! It turned out to be a puppy mill mama and she was emaciated and many, many people followed her recovery online and it was heartbreaking. But this happens more times than anyone can count. Many of the animals, like this poor little Chihuahua mama, has mamary tumors so bad she can't even walk. Thank goodness for people like this senior pug rescue and other rescues for saving and rehabilitating these animals. She spends her own money, takes donations, it's non-profit.
Look at this poor little chihuahua lady:


Some other rescues I am a fan of:
* Central Florida Pug Rescue
* Pekes and Pals [warning, site has music] (where Mom got her Bentley)


Blogger The Devil Dog said...

I hope when those mean rotten people die you know who sends them back to be a puppy mill breeder!


4:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our Princess was abandoned at a vet's office and one of the workers took pity on her and took her home (even though they really aren't supposed to by law, here in Oklahoma). Thankfully she found her way to us. I can't imagine wanting to get rid of such a precious, sweet mama girl!

2:04 PM  

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