Wednesday, May 24, 2006


As I look over Riley's blog lately, I realize that I haven't been writing blog posts recently, just mainly emailing photos from my camera phone. Sorry. I've been bad.

What is new? Just life stuff. Pug life is grand, non-pug life is normal, stressful, whatever.

Riley brings me such joy. When I'm not home, I think about him. He makes me smile, he makes me laugh. I gush over his photos even when he's sitting right next to me.

His sister, Sasha Kitty, turned 19 this month.

Once in a while we take Riley (and sometimes Nicky) for a car ride to the Dairy Queen drive through for french fries. Riley gets to go to dog bakeries because he doesn't attack other dogs like Nicky does.

We don't go to the dog park cuz Nicky attacks other dogs and all Riley wants to do is lay on the ground and chew wood chips; and he can do that at home.

We do go to Pug Meetups when they are near our house and not to far away.

We are talking about doing another road trip this October; to bring riley or not to bring riley is the big question, since he SCREAMED the whole 29 hour drive when we did it at Christmas.

I need to be in bed, I'm so tired.


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