Saturday, April 09, 2005

That morning moment

Happy Saturday!

My favorite part of the day is when I first wake up and Riley is in the bed with me and there's NOTHING cuter in the world: he comes up from the foot of the bed, and plops down at my side. I'm on my side, and I start rubbing his belly and he rolls over onto his back so that I can rub his belly. He's on his back and he's looking up at me, upside down, with those big, brown, soupy eyes and he just gazes at me quietly while he gets his belly rubbed. Sometimes he'll lick my face slowly while I do it.

It's sick, how can anybody be so sweet? So cute?

But then it ends when the alarm goes off and he jumps up on his feet and starts the impatient "Well?!? Can we go get breakfast now?!?" pacing. :)


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