Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sleepy Head!

Sleepy Head!
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Riley feels SO much better and I am just so relieved! I'm out of my routine so I forgot to post an update. So last night Riley was full of spunk and it made me so happy! I had been so worried! He chased mike back and forth while he was in and out grilling burgers, he barked and chased and then after dinner he brought me a toy for the first time in 2 days so I was so thrilled. He played really hard, wore his little self out. I think the daily anti-inflammatories are helping a lot. I need to call the vet (I'm late on that too!) and fill him in. I bet the vet will say we don't need x-rays now. I just hope that when the meds are gone that Riley continues to feel better. I guess/hope he just pulled his little back out somehow.


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