Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Riley's vet visit

Riley's vet visit went fine. I sometimes worry that I'm a hypochondriac pug-mamma, but I now know that it was right for me to go.

He has a yeast issue w/ his feet, which is why he was licking them (causing them to swell and then he started limping). So the vet gave me a presc. for that, plus soap to bathe his feet in, and wipes. This is supposedly some kind of thing that Pugs are prone to, as well as the face boo-boos.

His face boo-boos are some kind of dermal lesion thing, if I remember right. I wish I used my recorder. I always leave a vet visit wishing I had recorded it like I do my doctor visits. It's nice to go back and get the exact wording. Anyway, for his face, which I think is infected hair follicles (again, don't quote me, 'cause I can't remember everything that was said), he's on anti-biotics.

He also got drops for his ears that have been bothering him.

I take good care of my baby. I worried that I was being silly, but no. The vet told me that if "this little guy" was in somebody else's care who was not as diligent, he'd be in "very bad shape". It's just that small dogs and pugs can be prone to certain problems and you have to be diligent.

I love my baby and I'll always take good care of him. :)


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