Thursday, June 07, 2007

My handsome guy in his new harness. :)

My handsome guy in his new harness. :) p6070021_std
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I went by a dog bakery & botique today and picked up two Puppia XL harnesses. They were both Puppia, they were both XL, but one fit and the other didn't. The difference was the stlye. I got him the red on (in the pic above) which is just like his current blue one, and I also got one of these, a different-style puppia harness:

Anyway, the red one (like his current blue one) fit fine, but the camo one of a different style did not fit, even though they were both "XL" in size. So be aware if you are going to try this Puppia step-in harness, it may not be sized the same. Too bad, cuz Riley loves step-in harnesses and I really wanted to get this one for him.


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