Thursday, March 15, 2007

At the vet w/ Riley

At the vet w Riley
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I decided to take Riley to the vet today. His paws have been bothering him, itchy, and he won't stop biting them. One time a few months ago this happened, and he bled all over the place. I wanted to avoid that this time. The vet gave him steroid pill.

I also made an appointment to get his ears cleaned out next week. Deep down inside there is a mass of hair and wax and he is always scratching his ears and crying. The vet said this is very common in dogs and what they do is sedate them and then go in w/ a tool and a scope and get the "wax monsters" out.

He's an embarassing 27 pounds, they felt that 23 was too much. So I gotta get him exercising and stop giving in to his every whine for treats and food. Bad Pug Momma!

See more pix from today's trip to the vet:


Blogger ***Willow&Belle's Mom*** said...

Riley, 27 lbs or not. you are still a beautiful Pug! Belle is on the bigger side too and the vet said we need to cut back her food a little. she is 23 lbs....Willow is 19lbs. ( we call them the Stick and the Stump )one skinny one puffy...LOL

I am LoViNg your Skull shirt! LoVe it! Too cute!

7:19 AM  

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