Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Riley was sound asleep in his bed. I'm on the computer. I let out a belch. THAT is nothing new. But this was a really weird one, kinda like a growl. Riley BURST awake, RAN out of his bed, ran BARKING towards the front door and I could not calm him down for like a minute! HAHAHAHAH. On top of that, his ruckus got NICKY all worked up, apparently, as I hear him running around the bedroom upstairs now. AHAHAHAHAH!


Blogger .:*PugLove*:. said...

Oh funny funny! Sadie has done this...sorry to share, but especially if someone toots and she's asleep, she jumps up all "I'll protect you, show me where it came from". Too funny :)

4:42 PM  

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