Sunday, June 12, 2005

What a fun Pug Sunday!

OH wow what a day Riley had! We slept in like logs and had a good breakfast. Then Riley got a wipe-down with doggie fresh wipes, his face washed, and then taken outside on the porch where I went to TOWN with the shedding blade. You would not believe the SNOW on the screen at the end of the porch where the wind carried Riley's hair! I have no idea why I didn't take a photo. Huge tufts of fur dotting the screen, a pile of riley-hair snow at the bottom.

Then I put his hawiian shirt on and we went to the Pug Meetup. The pug meetup was held this time at a local waterside bar that serves bar food, and they let us have the air conditioned meeting room for free so long as we bought food and drinks. It's a place just for locals (or they try to make it locals only), their phone number is even unlisted! It's all shrimpers (tough guys) and the like. But they're all real nice and were glad to have us. We ate fried food and let the pugs run around at our feet.

Riley's girlfriend BELL was there! They played and played and played and played. Stay tuned because tomorrow I'll upload some pictures and video, and we got video of both Bell and Riley DANCING TOGETHER! They both get on their hind legs and "dance dance dance!" for treats. It's SO CUTE! I'll add the photos and video tomorrow as I've been trying to get to bed earlier each night and so I don't want to start all that now at midnight.

There were about ten of us there, each with at least one dog. There was an adorabe blind pug who just melted my heart. ALL of the pugs melted my heart.

Riley is more of a Hoover than even the other pugs and a few times I had to put him back on the leash because he was eating the WORST stuff in the corners on the floor. He ate old crumbs, chased bugs, ate paper, at plastic flowers, and towards the end of the day ate something so vile I don't know when I'll ever get over it. It looked like melted orange popsicle without the stick. But nobody'd had orange popsicle, or anything frozen, or anything orange. The general concencus was that it was some sort of orange liquor drink that someone vomited up. I was so disgusted I took him to the bathroom to wash his mouth. Someone keeps listerine in there, so when I saw "antiseptic" on the bottle I put some on my finger and ran it around his mouth and tongue and then gave him some water to drink. God only knows what that was and what was growing in it and what diseases the person had who threw it up. I could throw up just thinking about it.

After that we stopped at the ice cream store and M went in to get some for us and "Nana" (my mom). We took the ice cream to "nana's house" and enjoyed that. Riley had some vanilla and he LOVED it. Some places have dog ice cream (a local Italian Ices place does) but this place didn't. We hung out at mom's for a little bit but were so tired we soon headed home. While the day wore me out (I crashed on the couch for two hours when we got home!), it seemed to invigorate Riley. He's been bouncing off the walls, the couch, and the American Eskimo for hours. He's a nutball. But he sure had fun today.


Blogger Lori-Lyn said...

That sounds like a great place to have a meet-up!
I worry so much about the stuff Woody eats. Sometimes I feel like I spend my entire day fishing things out of his mouth. Pugs must have stomachs of iron.
Except for the orange goop, I'm glad you had such a fun time!

10:24 AM  

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